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TORNIER spirit
  • We work together for customer satisfaction and the well-being of patients.
  • We respond to our customers' needs by offering quality products and services tailored to their requirements, in compliance with our ethics and regulations.
  • We strive to convey a positive and fulfilling image of our Company.
  • We are fair, honest and stringent in our relations with our suppliers. We believe in the strength of our products and our teams and we respect our competitors.

TEAM spirit
  • We are committed to recruiting employees regardless of any discriminatory criteria. We offer comprehensive training programs to facilitate the integration of new employees.
  • We offer equal opportunities for everyone to develop and grow and encourage initiative.
  • We are continually directing our efforts to create a pleasant workplace where our employees are treated with respect.
  • We develop internal communication by communicating regularly about our results and goals. We communicate about our opportunities to promote internal mobility.
  • We spend a large part of our budget to invest in powerful tools for design, manufacture, inspection and packaging.
  • We use vocational training as a tool for the development of individual and collective skills. We have developed and trained an international workforce which is competent, united and driven by innovation.
    We rely on our technical know-how and regularly update our processes in order to maintain efficiency and make the best use of our capabilities.


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