The RFS screws have a small bioresorbable head attached to a detachable metal adapter. Their standard threads are compatible with your AO hardware for easy insertion of implants.

The unique manufacturing process produces implants with high initial mechanical strength, durability and controlled resorption. As the implant is resorbed, the bone gradually regains its load carrying capacity.

RFS screws provide auto-compression for the fracture, osteotomy and arthrodesis sites. Auto-compression occurs during the dimensional changes of the implant during hydrolysis. Screw diameter will increase and its length will decrease by 1% to 2% compared to its initial dimensions. This innovation provides sustained compression during callus formation and reduces the risk of unstable fixation. During this process the longitudinal tension exerted will be decreased to biomechanically sufficient levels and be maintained throughout the entire period of osteogenesis.

RFS screws are indicated for fixation of bone fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses, bone grafts and osteochondral fractures when accompanied by appropriate immobilization.
Product advantages
  • Bioresorbable implant
  • Implant delivered sterile in its aseptic package
  • No implant removal procedure required
  • AO compatible instrumentation
  • Auto-compression technology

PLEASE NOTE : not all products are available for sale in all countries. Should you need more details about the products available for sale in your area, please contact your local subsidiary or distributor. For contact details, please refer to our "Global Presence" section.

Bioresorbable screw


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