TBCem orthopedic cement


Tornier created its TBCem* cement product line in 2009. This was the result of close collaboration between cement manufacturer and prosthesis specialist. Four cements are available to meet all orthopedic cement needs: standard or low viscosity, either with or without antibiotics.

Standard viscosity TBCem 1 and TBCem G1 are recommended for manual applications such as sealing the cups, in total knee prostheses and unicompartmental knee prostheses.
Low viscosity TBCem 3 and TBCem G3 are recommended for syringe application for sealing intramedullary stems in the femur or humerus and for use in small joints such as those involving the ulna or radius.

The 4 cements:


Product Advantages
  • 10 year clinical follow-up for sealing of prosthetic hips, knees, shoulders and elbows, with more than 200,000 implants performed.
  • Easy to use - all in one package: the powder and liquid in a single sterile blister package- the powder is contained in a vial to facilitate its transfer into the mixing bowl.
  • Radiopaque cement: barium sulfate.
  • Mechanical performance significantly superior to European standards ISO5833.
  • TBCem G1 and TBCem G3 with Gentamicin (1.2%) offer effective protection against infections.

* Manufactured by: aap Implantate AG - EMCM bv,
Middenkampweg 17 - 6545 CH Nijmegen - The Netherlands

PLEASE NOTE : not all products are available for sale in all countries. Should you need more details about the products available for sale in your area, please contact your local subsidiary or distributor. For contact details, please refer to our "Global Presence" section.



TBCem Brochure

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