Totally secure metatarsophalangeal arthrodesis.
The MTP stainless steel plate is a particularly stiff dorsal plate which, together with self-locking screws, provides a stable construct that permits resumption of weight bearing.


A self-drilling and self-tapping titanium alloy snap-off screw for fracture fixation and osteotomies.

Combines the compressive strength of a screw with the ease of inserting a pin.


Stayfuse is an intramedullary implant for interphalangeal arthrodeses. Comprising two components that screw into each phalanx and snap together, Stayfuse provides security and stability.

The CSI implant is specially designed to correct pathologic flatfoot deformities.


A resurfacing prosthesis for the base of the first proximal phalanx, MHT is indicated for the treatment of Stage III hallux rigidus, preserving mobility.

First UltraSIL TM elastomer prosthesis designed specifically for lesser metatarsophalangeal arthroplasty.


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