As previously announced on July, 11, 2016, Wright Medical Group N.V. has now completed the divestiture of its Large Joint business to Corin Orthopaedics Holdings Limited.

Wright is committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions improving quality of life for patients worldwide and is a recognized leader of surgical solutions for the upper extremities (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand), lower extremities (foot and ankle) and biologics markets, three of the fastest growing segments in orthopaedics.  



HLS: A pedigree, 20 years of innovation

Developed at the beginning of the 1980s with Professor Henri Dejour’s team, the first HLS total knee arthroplasty, under the Tornier name, has now given rise to a complete range of total knee prostheses. The solution to all primary, revision and reconstruction surgeries, the range also includes a unicompartmental prosthesis: the HLS Uni Evolution Optimum Approach.trans


Resurfacing implant, naturally mini-invasive. 20 years of' follow-up.


HLS KneeTec® is a unique design based on 25 years of research, innovation and clinical success. It is a posterior stabilized knee prosthesis, either fixed or rotary. Because each individual is unique, Tornier has developed an implant that perfectly fits all anatomies.

The successful combination of an implant and its instrumentation: 20 years of research, innovation and clinical success… The strength of experience.


All the technical concepts that have led to the success of the HLS knee, applied to revisions.

An ideal solution for severe ligament instabilities, preserving rotation.


HLS Tumor hinge


A specific product.
A dedicated structure for surgeons.

“PLEOS® Knee” Navigation System


PLEASE NOTE : not all products are available for sale in all countries. Should you need more details about the products available for sale in your area, please contact your local subsidiary or distributor. For contact details, please refer to our "Global Presence" section.


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